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Marais de Sionnet is a fantastic place to go birding near Geneva. 3 hours of birdwatching and bird photography facing Mont-Blanc. Ideal for bird lovers eager to know more about the local birdlife, and for wildlife photographers wishing to improve their skills in an easy and stunning setting.


Great wildlife photography excursion near Geneva, Switzerland, with about 20 to 40 bird species possibly spotted in just a few hours. More importantly, Marais de Sionnet is a place where some bird species are unusually tame, like the Common Teal or the Common Moorhen, which offers us some great encounters with fantastic photo opportunities. Grey Heron, Common Kestrel, Common Pheasant are among the species we see almost every time.


Marais de Sionnet, Switzerland.


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”Very nice walk in a protected area a few kilometers from Geneva. Have seen a kestrel and a kingfisher among others. Guide very calm and very attentive that I can only recommend!”

- Françoise

“Ten days ago, I had the pleasure to go for my first bird watching experience. When you learn with someone passionate, it is always easier. We arrived at Marais de Sionnet with my guide Jonathan at 6am, with an initial introduction of the environment. At dawn, you don´t see much yet, but it was very interesting to listen first before recognizing any species. There was clearly three types of birds: the common ones I could spot couple of meters from us, the second part, where my guide was pointing 200-300 meters from us and the mythic ones... :-)
We were hopping to see a bittern in the marsh, but instead we manged to observe a Sparrowhawk and a Kestrel in stationary hunting mode... this was very impressive. and also, I got almost speechless when the Egret arrived as a Big White Lady. And suddenly, hours later, only my hunger pushed us to retreat to a nearby café in the village of Choulex.
Thank you Jonathan for this initiation, I would recommend to anyone. My senses are more attentive now when i go running in the forest, or by the Rhone river.
Remark: we spotted 31 different species during this immersion!”

— Pierrick


"Let me preface this by saying that although I live in Geneva, I seek out experiences like this in other places when I travel and would definitely want to know about Salva Fauna if I was visiting as a tourist. 
As a newcomer to birdwatching, I wanted to find a guide in Geneva who would introduce me to the beautiful species we see and hear around us everyday but are not able to identify. I treated myself to the tour with Jonathan as a birthday present and we spent four amazing hours together at the Marais de Sionnet. 
With 45 species sighted, including the rare purple heron, needless to say I got far more out of this than I had bargained for! The price of the private tour is an absolute steal for the boundless enthusiasm and knowledge Jonathan shares, and his expertise on birds and photography as well as his passion for nature is a joy to experience. I am looking forward to booking further excursions with him and would highly recommend the experience to all!"

— Adwoa

“Jonathan is super knowledgeable and willing to share. It was a great walk, I improved my photography skills thanks to his advice. I would recommend this experience.”

— Anna



Booking this tour with us, you automatically make a donation to GOBG.
10% of the tour rate is directly donated to GOBG at the end of the tour.
This donation is included in the rate of the tour.



Meeting at a small parking lot located by the Marais de Sionnet before sunrise, we will spend 3 hours wandering in this stunning natural area facing Mont-Blanc. The exact time of meeting will be determined a few days before the tour, to make sure we can already be there when the sun rises.


  • Your donation to GOBG.

  • Photographic guiding and instruction.

  • Immersion in nature.

  • Great memories!


  • Transportation to Marais de Sionnet. Nevertheless, it can be arranged depending on your base location with a supplement. If you need help, feel free to write me so we can try to make it happen.

  • Drinks.

  • Insurance.


As always during our wildlife tours, the highest ethics in wildlife photography will apply. Respecting and protecting our wild subjects is always the first priority. Animals are not called in nor baited, so no species can be guaranteed. Also, no sensitive information that could put a species in danger will be given. Any inappropriate behavior towards the animals will cause the participant to leave the workshop without any refund. Visit our page “Our ethics” for more details on the ethics we follow.


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