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Salva Fauna recognized as Top Ethical Ecotour Provider!

We are excited to share the news with you: we have been selected and recognized as a Top Ethical Ecotour Provider!

The list has been carefully created by Terra Incognita, and only features companies that are trying to have a positive impact while offering birding and wildlife tours, putting ethics at the very core of their vision and priorities.


As you know, we only offer you ethical wildlife tours. We apply the highest ethics both in the field and outside of it:

  • First, when we experience nature with our guests, we put the welfare of the animals and their habitat first. We always give priority to the moment, instead of putting the priority on making images even if it disturbs the animals. Concretely, this means that we follow a certain number of rules to match our approach. You can learn more about it on our page “Our Ethics”.

  • Second, we donate 10% of each tour’s profit to an organization dedicated to wildlife conservation. We do our best to find local organizations that put most if not all of their efforts in being in the field helping wild animals. On our page “Organizations” we give you the list of the wildlife organizations we donate to.

We are humbled to get this recognition and we will keep working towards wildlife conservation while offering our guests memorable experiences in nature. We have plenty of ideas on how we can do even more, and you will know more about it soon.

Thank you for your support, and love nature.

Founder Salva Fauna

Jonathan GuillotComment