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Slowing Down In Creux Du Van / Day Trip Report July 2017


Meeting with our 2 participants at 3pm at the Ferme Restaurant Le Soliat, we started to walk along the cliffs of Creux du Van under a beautiful warming sun.

We first focused on birds as the Alpine Ibex usually do not show up before the second part of the afternoon. We brought them to a spot where Eurasian Crag Martins were nesting. We had the chance to be very close to a few juveniles resting on the cliff, waiting for the adults to come feed them. Being only a couple of meters below us but completely out of reach, they knew people could not threaten them. So they were acting completely normal, not disturbed by us in any way. Respecting the wild animals we encounter is non negotiable for us.

A moment later, 3 Wallcreepers showed up at the same spot! An adult followed closely by 2 juveniles. Creux du Van is a really good spot to see this fascinating bird. We often see one of this tour, but seeing 3 was pretty unusual!

In addition to these great sightings, we also watched a family of Common Kestrels, several Common Ravens, Black Redstarts, Alpine Swifts, European Goldfinches, as well as a Red Kite, an Eurasian Magpie and a Common Chaffinch.

Slowly, the atmosphere totally changed as most of the visitors were leaving. And later in the afternoon, we did spot a beautiful female Alpine Ibex resting on one of the many promontories available for them. With the light getting softer, and the atmosphere getting more peaceful, the moment was magical. Finally, 2 very young Ibex showed up from nowhere few minutes later.

It was again a memorable afternoon in Creux du Van, a breathtaking place that every tourist should visit while in Switzerland.

Salva Fauna