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Slowing Down In Creux Du Van / Day Trip Report July 2017


This excursion has been an absolute delight from the first to the last minute. Meeting at Ferme Restaurant Le Soliat, we started to walk toward the edge of the cliff. After only a few minutes searching for Alpine Ibex, we spotted a young one coming our way!

We sat down and stopped moving, making sure we were not stressing the animal. It kept walking and quickly disappeared in the cliffs below us. Moving towards the edge, we spotted it again, further, and totally relaxed. While taking pictures of it, another young one arrived in the back of our participant! It came only a couple of meters away from him, stood on a rock promontory right in front of him for one minute, and slowly went down the cliff. This moment was truly magical and our guest could not believe his eyes!

After so much emotion, we started to walk again and spotted a third young Alpine Ibex.

Later, we enjoyed watching some fantastic birds including Common Kestrels, Common Ravens etc... but we also admired the incredible beauty of the landscape. The light was amazing and we had a stunning sunset.

Creux du Van never fails us! :)

Salva Fauna