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Slowing Down In Creux du Van / Excursion report July 2019

The Alpine Ibex of Creux du Van are a treasure to protect. Seeing these wild Alpine Ibex freely evolve on the plateau and the cliff of Creux du Van is an exceptional privilege, offering magical moments in nature.

This private tour allowed our two participants to experience a memorable half-day immersion in this exceptional place. The light, the atmosphere, the encounters, everything was incredible. We were almost alone with the Alpine Ibex and we were able to stay with them for almost 2 hours. On top of that, one of our participants was very interested in improving his photography. He has had fantastic opportunities to practice taking advantage of the advice of a professional photographer.

Here is a small summary in pictures, clearly not up to the beauty of the moment. :)

Once again, Creux du Van will have kept all its promises.

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