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Sunrise At Marais De Sionnet / Day Trip Report October 2018


What a morning! It was a stunning and very unique sunrise, with beautiful fog and incredible colors. Migration is at its peak now but Marais de Sionnet is so dry because of the lack of rain that sightings of migrating birds are not guaranteed. Nevertheless, it is always good to go on an excursion with a good spirit, sending out our best energy into the world. Right at sunrise, this birding walk started with the beautiful sight of many Yellow-legged Gulls flying above us in small groups. We counted about 100 in total. Colors in the sky were breathtaking.

Soon after that, we had the chance to witness a truly incredible scene : a Peregrine Falcon trying to hunt on a Common Teal. Thankfully for the teal, it missed its target.

A flight of 5 Great White Egrets, 3 Common Kestrels, many passerines including beautiful migrating species such as a Northern Wheatear and a flock of Tree Pipits, etc etc, we ended up this excursion to Marais de Sionnet with a checklist of 41 species. 41!

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