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Sunset At La Dôle / Day Trip Report August 2018


Starting at 5pm when the light began to get softer and most hikers started to leave the area, we quickly spotted our first Chamois on a shaded cliff. Keeping our distance, we watched them for a moment and then decided to explore another side of La Dôle, where we could enjoy the view on Lake Geneva and the Alps and potentially see more Chamois in a better light.

Once we reached this second location, there was no Chamois. The view was magical so we enjoyed taking pictures of the Mont-Blanc. Our experience in this location proved that the Chamois often show up in this particular area at the end of the day. So we waited. Walking a bit further, we spotted 9 more Chamois, including youngs born this spring. Young Chamois are probably the cutest mammals we have in Switzerland.

Again, we kept our distance and sat on the ground. We wanted to make sure they would not see us as a threat. Thus, we could potentially enjoy this great encounter much longer. After a few minutes, the herd was totally at ease with your presence. We moved a little bit, walking very slowly, to sit in a spot where we could have better backgrounds for our images. We enjoyed this great wildlife experience until sunset and our guest came back home with fantastic images of the 18 wild Chamois we encountered.

Once again it was another beautiful excursion to La Dôle, Switzerland.

Salva Fauna