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Sunset At La Dôle / Day Trip Report August 2019

Yesterday's private excursion to la Dôle with Patricia was absolutely magical. Incredible. Memorable. We quickly found the first Chamois but they were on a slope that is a safe place for them, so you do not want to try going up there and disturb them. Instead, we went to a more accessible area where photo opportunities can potentially be incredible thanks to great backgrounds and stunning sunset light. We took the bet that some of the Chamois we have seen would slowly come to our spot to enjoy the last rays of sun.

On our way up, we spotted a beautiful Chamois resting. In summer, their fur is just stunning. It is light brown, short and sleek. We sat down and watched it for a while. The scene was beautiful.


Then, right when we reached the area we had in mind, we realized the place was literally full of Chamois! Mostly females and babies, feeding, resting, playing, etc. As usual, we approached very slowly and paid attention to any sign of distress. We could see we were not bothering them at all, so we spent about 2 hours with them, watching their natural behavior in total respect until the last rays of sun. Photo opportunities were fantastic.

As I said, this excursion to la Dôle was memorable. :D

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