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Sunset At La Dôle / Day Trip Report July 2018

Again another very successful private excursion to La Dôle, Switzerland! On this hot summer day, we started the hike slowly but quickly spotted our first wild Chamois on our way up. We stopped and admired the beauty of its bright brown summer fur. After a few minutes, we decided to leave it alone and keep on walking. We arrived to an area where the view of Lake Geneva, the Mont-Blanc and the Alps is breathtaking.

A moment later, we spotted two adult females and a young of the year. Very young Chamois are incredible cute. In order to disturb them as least as possible, we instantly stopped walking and sat right behind a rock where the Chamois could only see our faces popping up. They quickly got comfortable with our presence.

Then, way further on our right, we spotted more Chamois slowly coming in our direction. We decided to stay still instead of trying to walk towards them. With that level of respect and a bit of luck, there were good chances that they would come closer and join the other Chamois of the herd. After a few minutes only, that is exactly what happened!

For about 2 hours, at sunset, we had incredible photo opportunities with not less than 15 wild Chamois.

It was finally time to walk back and we were greeted by 5 more Chamois on the way. Another successful wildlife photo excursion indeed!

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