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Sunset At La Dôle / Day Trip Report October 2018


It was a great pleasure to bring our guest for his first excursion to La Dôle. Until today, he has seen Chamois in the wild only a couple of times at great distance. So we really wanted to do our best trying to offer him a memorable encounter with Chamois at a shorter distance, where he would be able to admire their beauty and make great images.

Shortly after the start of this private excursion, we spotted our first small group of Chamois. They were resting or feeding, the setting was serene and the Chamois were absolutely not bothered by our presence, knowing they were safe on their cliff. The side of the mountain was already in the shade and we did not want to approach too much, entering their safety zone, so we watched them from a distance for about half an hour and moved on.

Reaching a stunning area offering better light conditions, we spotted few more Chamois. They clearly saw us before we saw them, but as our approach was slow and rather discrete, they did not run away. Soon after that great encounter, we walked a bit more and found a herd of about 15 Chamois, including a male showing first signs of rut activity. The light was fantastic and the mood pretty amazing for photography. Our guest had his best experience yet with wild Chamois and that makes us very happy.

Another memorable moment in nature with the Chamois of La Dôle.

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