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Where to see Griffon Vultures in France

With a spectacular wingspan of up to 280cm, the Griffon Vulture is a very impressive bird of prey. Like other vultures, it is a scavenger. It soars over open areas to find carcasses and dead animals to feed from. 

In the past, the Griffon Vulture was widespread throughout Europe. Due to poisoning and hunting, population have plummeted. Spain is now the country hosting the biggest population, with 24000 couples in 2006. In France, the LPO started the first reintroduction program in the 1970's. It took place in the Parc national des Cévennes. France is now an example for the conservation of Griffon Vultures, and today, there are 3 areas where you can see this charismatic species in the wild:

  • Southern Massif Central : in Grands Causses Natural Regional Park.

  • Southern French Alps : in Vercors Regional Nature Park, Baronnies Provençales Natural Regional Park, and Verdon Natural Regional Park, France‎.

  • Pyrenees.

If you would like to discover one of these beautiful natural areas with one of our guides, you can contact us any time. We would be happy to bring you closer to these incredible birds.

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