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Wild Wonders of Valais / Day Trip Report September 2018


This private wildlife day trip to Valais had one main goal. Our clients dreamed to see a Wallcreeper for the first time in their lives. Being great accomplished birders, they had already seen thousands of bird species. But the Wallcreeper was one of the European birds they never had the chance to admire.

Switzerland is a fantastic country to see a Wallcreeper. The population was estimated to range between 1000 and 2500 couples in 2016. As we do know several reliable spots where we can spot this wonderful species, we tailor made our usual tour to Valais and suggested our guests to explore two beautiful locations, both in Canton of Valais, so that we would give them the best chances to see a Wallcreeper. Of course, we would also keep our eyes open for other bird species and mammals. Valais hosts all the most iconic mountain animals.

So our guide Jonathan met our two guests at 7am and they headed to Valais for what would end up being an incredible private wildlife day trip.

When they arrived at the first location, they could not see a Wallcreeper. Only a couple of Eurasian Jays and a flock of Eurasian Crag Martins feeding on insects in the first rays of sun. But an hour later, Jonathan did spot one! And in the 3 hours they spent there, they were able to have several incredible sightings of not one but 2 Wallcreepers!! They watched them chasing each other, flying towards them, landing really close, etc. A truly memorable encounter that our guests will never forget. In addition, they spotted 14 other bird species including 7 Red Kites on migration.

At the second location, also in Valais, the day kept getting better and better. They had the chance to watch 2 Bearded Vulture for about 10 minutes. Yes, 10 minutes! And they saw them later again on four more occasions. Seeing a Bearded Vulture in the wild is always a privilege. Seing two adults in such great conditions was just unbelievable. They also spotted 2 Golden Eagles (a juvenile and an adult), 2 Peregrine Falcons, several other passerines, as well as 4 Chamois, 4 Alpine Ibex and a Marmot.

The day ended up being so amazing that our group felt they were blessed by the Gods. Nature has been incredibly generous to them.

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