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Our Ethical Wildlife Photo Tours are designed to provide you with an immersive and exclusive wildlife experience, respecting the highest ethics in terms of wildlife encounters and wildlife photography.




4 hour excursion to Creux du Van, looking for Alpine Ibex, Chamois, Wallcreeper, etc. All of that in one of Switzerland's most incredible landscapes. This half-day excursion is ideal for nature lovers, photographers and for families wanting to spend a wonderful day in nature learning about wildlife.


One of our favorite places in all Switzerland, Creux du Van is absolutely breathtaking. Located in the Swiss canton of Neuchâtel, this natural rocky cirque is about 1,400 meters wide and 160 meters deep! The impressive cliffs surround a beautiful 4 kilometer long and over 1 kilometer wide valley basin.

Creux du Van is one of the best places to see wild Alpine Ibex by far. If we are able to find them, we can literally spend hours with these fascinating animals in all respect. Not to forget, Chamois and even the elusive Lynx live in this protected area. We will also try to spot great bird species, such as the unique Wallcreeper, the Common Raven, the Common Kestrel and many more.
This tour is ideal for nature lovers, photographers, but also for families wanting to spend a wonderful day in nature learning about wildlife and photography.


Creux du Van, Switzerland.


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From 50 CHF per participant.


3 maximum.


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English or French.


"This activity has the great advantage of combining 2 of my hobbies: nature and photography. Led by Jonathan - a great, professional and passionate photographer - I learned to admire small and hidden details in trees, plants, flowers, birds ... on top of that, he explains practical issues of photography, which can be put in practice during the hike. His love and respect for nature makes this trip worthwhile and very appealing!!"

- Maria

“Thanks to Jonathan for sharing his passion with incredible sweetness and enthusiasm! A very nice meeting and beautiful photos.”

— Laetitia

"I did a tour in Creux du Van in the late afternoon with Jonathan. The place is absolutely beautiful (it was my first time in Creux du Van)! We had the chance to see some stalls and the beautiful evening lights gave us hundreds of photo opportunities. In addition, Jonathan is a passionate and generous person... I learned and shared a lot. A very positive experience to renew without hesitation."

— Benoit

"I spent magical hours with Salva Fauna. It's amazing to see how nature can have so many different faces depending on where one is positioned. With Jonathan, I learned how to capture the decisive moment thanks his many great advice and tips. For someone who loves nature, there is nothing really more important than to discover all its hidden faces. Shukrani!"

— Steven

"An excursion in the middle of nature in a beautiful setting with the goal of apprehending our cameras.
We were beginners and this excursion allowed us to master the basics of photography and the settings of our devices. Jonathan is a very pedagogical guide who adapts to our desires and helps us develop our creativity. Nothing is imposed but as soon as you have a question, he will be there to answer and guide you with passion. Photography has become almost simple thanks to his advice and explanations. From now on, we get out of the auto mode with pleasure.*

— Bertille



Booking this tour with us, you automatically make a donation to Pro Natura.
10% of the tour rate is directly donated to Pro Natura at the end of the tour.
This donation is included in the rate of the tour.



Meeting on the parking lot of Ferme-restaurant du Soliat, we will then explore the incredible site of Creux du Van for half a day. The path along the edge bordered by a stone wall is perfect to contemplate the beauty of this very unique site.


  • Your donation to Pro Natura.
  • Photographic guiding and instruction.
  • Immersion in nature.
  • Great memories!


  • Transportation to Creux du Van. Nevertheless, it can be arranged depending on your base location with a supplement. If you need help, feel free to write me so we can try to make it happen.
  • Drinks.
  • Insurance.


As always during our wildlife tours, the highest ethics in wildlife photography will apply. Respecting and protecting our wild subjects is always the first priority. Animals are not called in nor baited, so no species can be guaranteed. Also, no sensitive information that could put a species in danger will be given. Any inappropriate behavior towards the animals will cause the participant to leave the workshop without any refund. Visit our page RESPECT for more details on the ethics we follow.


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