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PROTECT / Nature organizations we donate to



Enjoying the beauty of our natural world is a formidable chance we have. If we can give something back to it at the same time, it is even better. So that our children too can enjoy the incredible planet we live in, we all need to act. The entire's world fauna is in danger.

At Salva Fauna, we focus on ways to combine responsible tourism and wildlife conservation. This is why, when booking with us, you systematically make a donation to a conservation organization directly linked to the destination of the tour and the animal species we encounter. For example, when guiding a tour to Rémuzat, France, we donate to the local conservation association Vautours en Baronnies, responsible of the reintroduction program of the Griffon Vultures.

We donate 10% of the tours profit. Below is the list of the organizations we are proud to donate to.