Salva Fauna
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Testimonials about our ethical wildlife photo tours



"This activity has the great advantage of combining 2 of my hobbies: nature and photography. Led by Jonathan - a great, professional and passionate photographer - I learned to admire small and hidden details in trees, plants, flowers, birds ... on top of that, he explains practical issues of photography, which can be put in practice during the hike. His love and respect for nature makes this trip worthwhile and very appealing!!"

- Maria


“As a beginner in wildlife photography, I wanted personal attention on a two day tour. After research I selected Jonathan at Salva Fauna due to the quality of recommendation and reviews and the art of Jonathan's photography. I was delighted with the result and amazed by the skill and knowledge that Jonathan has. His field craft ensured I was presented with the best possible opportunity to get pictures and experience amazing wildlife encounters. I learned more than I could ever have imagined and came back with an incredible set of photographs. I can not recommend Salva Fauna highly enough.”

— Nick


“Our guide Jonathan has a great approach to photography that he shared with passion, it was a very productive tour both regarding the technical settings and the emotional side of photography... Excellent tour. Bravo!”

— Fabian


“Super well organized tour with lots of amazing wildlife sightings !! Everything was great. I highly recommend!”

— Samuel


"I did a tour in Creux du Van in the late afternoon with Jonathan. The place is absolutely beautiful (it was my first time in Creux du Van)! We had the chance to see some stalls and the beautiful evening lights gave us hundreds of photo opportunities. In addition, Jonathan is a passionate and generous person... I learned and shared a lot. A very positive experience to renew without hesitation."

— Benoit


“ Amazing weekend! We shared magic moments in the mountains. Nature spoiled us! The photography lessons were adapted to our level! I highly recommend this experience.”

— Julien


"Wonderful experience in a magical place. Congratulations to John for his organization, his sympathy and his haunting passion for wildlife photography that he shared with us throughout the entire stay. A complete photo course, surrounded by nature in a dream decor.... what more could you want? !! Thank you for so many incredible memories!"

— Dan

“Ten days ago, I had the pleasure to go for my first bird watching experience. When you learn with someone passionate, it is always easier. We arrived at Marais de Sionnet with my guide Jonathan at 6am, with an initial introduction of the environment. At dawn, you don´t see much yet, but it was very interesting to listen first before recognizing any species. There was clearly three types of birds: the common ones I could spot couple of meters from us, the second part, where my guide was pointing 200-300 meters from us and the mythic ones... :-)
We were hopping to see a bittern in the marsh, but instead we manged to observe a Sparrowhawk and a Kestrel in stationary hunting mode... this was very impressive. and also, I got almost speechless when the Egret arrived as a Big White Lady. And suddenly, hours later, only my hunger pushed us to retreat to a nearby café in the village of Choulex.
Thank you Jonathan for this initiation, I would recommend to anyone. My senses are more attentive now when i go running in the forest, or by the Rhone river.
Remark: we spotted 31 different species during this immersion!”

— Pierrick


“Wonderful expedition! The guide (Jonathan) was on top of everything, very very professional, interesting, super motivated... Discovering the vultures was incredible. Places we ate and slept were all splendid.
An amazing weekend that I would recommend to anyone.”

— Sylvain


“Thanks to Jonathan for sharing his passion with incredible sweetness and enthusiasm! A very nice meeting and beautiful photos.”

— Laetitia


"I spent magical hours with Salva Fauna. It's amazing to see how nature can have so many different faces depending on where one is positioned. With Jonathan, I learned how to capture the decisive moment thanks his many great advice and tips. For someone who loves nature, there is nothing really more important than to discover all its hidden faces. Shukrani!"

— Steven


"An excursion in the middle of nature in a beautiful setting with the goal of apprehending our cameras.
We were beginners and this excursion allowed us to master the basics of photography and the settings of our devices. Jonathan is a very pedagogical guide who adapts to our desires and helps us develop our creativity. Nothing is imposed but as soon as you have a question, he will be there to answer and guide you with passion. Photography has become almost simple thanks to his advice and explanations. From now on, we get out of the auto mode with pleasure.*

— Bertille