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Corentin Esmieu is a French nature guide living in Briançon, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France.
Sharing his love for wildlife with other nature lovers and photographers is the most fulfilling experience for him. Always extremely respectful of the wild animals and their habitat, he will guide you to the most memorable wildlife encounters.
He is currently leading wildlife tours in Briançon area, bringing you closer to Alpine Ibex, Red Deers, Chamois and many more incredible animal species.


Jonathan Guillot is a French nature photographer living in Canton of Geneva, Switzerland.
Passionate about wildlife with a special obsession for birds, Jonathan is always eager to share his passion and knowledge with other nature lovers. Ethics have always been extremely important to him, and his images intend to show the beauty of wild animals behaving normally in their natural habitat.
During his tours, Jonathan will dedicate his full attention to make sure you improve your photography.
You can check his work on his website and follow him on Facebook, Instagram or 500px.


Frédéric Bouvet is a French birding guide based in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, France.
Interested in birds and their conservation since he is a teenager, he graduated in Zoology from the University of Bristol. He participated in the creation of both the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur delegation of the LPO in 1998, and the Alpilles Regional Natural Park.
Frédéric recently founded the Bureau des Guides Naturalistes, which works to promote the natural heritage of the golden triangle of biodiversity in France (Alpilles - Crau - Camargue). It is in this incredible area that Frédéric is leading tours. He will guide you to memorable encounters with endless enthusiasm and communicative passion.


Luca Melcarne is a French wildlife photographer based in Vercors, France.
Passionate about his region, he spends most of his time outside in the Vercors Regional Natural Park. Photographing wild and free animals only, he prides himself for being a very ethical wildlife photographer, always putting the animals welfare first. His talent as a photographer, along with his great guiding skills, will guarantee you an unforgettable experience in nature by his side.
You can check his work on his website and follow him on Facebook and Instagram.


Emilien Vadam is a birding guide living in Besançon, Franche-Comté, France. He discovered ornithology when he was a teenager and his interest for birds just kept growing since then. He studied ecology in France and started guiding birding tours in Africa at the end of his studies. Emilien traveled around the world in the aim of seeing more and more birds. After guiding birding tours for a french ornithological association, he joined Salva Fauna as a birding guide, leading tours in France. His great experience will guarantee you great sightings and you will learn a lot from him. Emilien is a passionate and enthusiastic birding guide who always puts the welfare of the birds and their habitat first.